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April 29, 2018

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Want to know what I've been reading?

Recently Read is a bi-weekly feature of The Paralegal Club and it aims to showcase some of my favourite blog posts from the week. Due to it being bi-weekly, the posts themselves may be two weeks old, but I've only stumbled upon them whilst researching for this blog post. It's a mish-mash of everything! Food, fashion, law, lifestyle posts or just a good ol' journal entry. I love it all

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Laura's blog, The Workher, has been put on hiatus, but she still has some amazing content for women entering the workforce. I wish I had found her blog sooner! I have been studying from home for the last two years, so I have a pretty set routine for myself, but I found her post reinforced my own logic and was a very friendly pat on the back. It will definitely help anyone working or studying from home or thinking about attempting the transition! 

#02: Why You Need a Morning Routine - BecauseGirls
I thrive on routine. I am dependant on it, right down to my bowl of oatmeal and cup of coffee in the morning. I've found what works for me - now you can do the same! BecauseGirls gives you a neat list of things to try in the morning to help with your routine and set you up for the day.

90% of my life is online. It was strange and jarring at first, but I've found a nice routine and it really works for me. I've found I'm much more flexible with my time, routine, and general daily life. I'm not rushing around and panicking about being stuck in traffic for a class that lasts fifty minutes. It's heaven!

#04 & #05: Where Should You Go To Law School / Another Law School Will Let You In Without Taking The LSAT - Above The Law
Picking the college that is right for you is stressful. I've heard the LSAT prep and test is stressful. I don't know if anyone is thinking about going to law school, but these posts are definitely worth a read!

#06: Career or starting a family? As women, can we do both & are we holding ourselves back? - Sophie
My goodness, it's like this girl reads my mind! A few posts back, I talked about having some pretty lofty goals for myself. Most of them are career-driven. I have a few friends who talk about wanting to climb the career ladder but are hyper-aware of the biological clock. They're in conflict with themselves and they're bringing it upon themselves! Can we have it all? Check out Sophie's post and chime in on the conversation!

#07: Studying Playlist - Fit Future Attorney
I've just started listening to music whilst studying as well and I think it really helps! My go-to is Vitamin String Quartet, but check out this blog post if you're needing inspiration!

#08: Motherhood: Self-Care isn't Selfish - Megan Gilger
I feel like on a soul-level. I'm a mother, so my wants and needs are always at the bottom of the ladder. The amount of sacrifice that goes along with being a parent is extraordinary and something you won't understand until you're in the position yourself. It isn't just giving up the random online splurges, triple shot flat whites or lazy Sunday lie-ins, but it's about giving up your absolute essence (temporarily) so you can help this tiny, helpless baby thrive in his (or her) new environment. Self-care is something I'm trying to practice more, so this post really hit home for me.

#09: The yummiest banana and coconut bread - Nicola
It's like I turned twenty-four and a flip switched in my brain. Suddenly I'm Betty Crocker and I have all the time for baking. I don't think my son will be complaining about that! I'm a huge fan of banana bread (any bread #breadlife) so I think this will be my next endeavour!

#10: The Last Phase of My Twenties - Sophie Cliff
It was my birthday this week, so I have a certain affinity for 'my life is changing but I'm going to enjoy it to its fullest' posts. This is the post I'm talking about. Thirty is an age that is taunted and daunted by a lot of people. Hell, I had a quarter-life crisis at the ripe ol' age of twenty-four! Sophie, however, has put such a positive spin on things that you just have to go have a read. Even if you don't turn thirty for another six years. 


What have you been reading lately?

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