The Biggest (And Best) Life Update EVER!

July 01, 2018

best life update ever - the paralegal club
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So, how about that GDPR?

That, my friends, is how long it has been since I have been on this blog post. There was a flurry of privacy statements, disclosures, additional pages being created and went on. As it does.

I bet you're sitting there wondering what could be so great that it has brought me back to the blogosphere and warrants its own blog post.

Well, my chickadees, I've only gone and landed myself a job! (!!!!!!!)

This isn't just any job. This is one I had been asking for for about a year. It was only recently that I sat down and had a proper chat with the universe and told her what I wanted. We cut a deal - so to speak - and this career opportunity landed in my lap not two weeks later.

Now the paperwork has been signed and I have had my (mini) induction, I can say that I work as a legal secretary. Who would have thought? I've only gone and landed myself a proper, real-life adult job. 

Needless to say, the last month (or so) of my life has been a bit of a whirlwind, so I'll just take you through a bit of a quick life update.

By golly, I have one of those now. I officially started a week and a half ago, but I had a significant amount of that off (already). I don't want to say too much about my job for privacy reasons, but I love it. I love it so much. 

I was a bundle of nerves on the drive to the office, but they disappeared as soon as I walked in the doors and met the rest of the team. Everyone was so nice, helpful and patient with all my questions. 

I'm relocating to my new office (in a different part of the city) this week, so I'll be meeting a new team and - essentially - going through the last week and a half all over again! Eeeep.

Gee whizz, I also have one of those! (Kind of). I currently rent a one-bedroom unit under the main house. In essence, there's a two-level house - I rent the lower half and someone else rents the upper half. We have our own areas and 'common areas' we're allowed to share as dictated by our tenancy agreements. I've given my son the bedroom and turned the lounge into my bedroom, essentially turning it into a studio-esque unit, but I love it. 

best life update ever - the paralegal club
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I've lived here for two weeks so things are starting to come together - slowly - but I'm enjoying this process. Surprisingly, I like moving around furniture and being on hold with various companies because I'm dealing with things relating to my own house. I've never had a space that is 100% my own before so I'm excited, terrified and just all around happy to be home.

As you know, I'm currently studying to become a registered legal executive. I completed one paper (of six) and sat the final exam. Now it's just a waiting game. However, study waits for no exam result as my next paper starts tomorrow! It's called Law Office Practice and the content is exactly as the title suggests. I've started skimming through the material and have already learned the difference between barrister and solicitor and barrister sole, and how an office assistant differs from a legal executive.

Again - needless to say - I'm really enjoying my studies and I can't wait for this semester to start! I'm working in public law and studying private law, so it'll be interesting to see if I can recognize any overlap, especially as this semester is all about how one practices the law.

I'm probably at my all-time low when it comes to health and overall well-being. I have been shifting house and adjusting to a new work-life balance, so I have been making the occasional poor food choice. I'd take a salad and fruit/veges to work and be a whole foods goddess for seven hours of the day and come home and wreck my effort in .5 seconds. 


I'm very happy to report that the 'junk food' in the house is almost gone and it will not be returning. 

Exercise has also taken a bit of a nosedive. I was attempting the Nike 'start up' fitness plan, but that also got pushed aside as I made way for my new life. However, sitting down for seven (ish) hours a day is going to change my metabolism, so I need to make exercise a priority. Maybe I'll start by wearing my Fitbit every day so I can see what my day looks like from a fitness standpoint, too.

WELL. I don't have much to report on this one. I downloaded a dating app - Bumble - and have been on a few dates. One was terrible, one was good. I've been single for two years now so I'm definitely ready to get out there and ~*mingle*~. Watch this space.

best life update ever - the paralegal club
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My son is sixteen months old and runs everywhere. I swear, this kid does not have a 'pause' button. He is the light in my day and the purpose in my life. He is everything. He handles daycare like a champ, eats whatever I put in front of him, loves to watch Octonauts and enjoys a cuddle on the couch. What more can I ask for?


Mostly, I'm just excited about where my life is heading. 

I have a feeling this is just the beginning of many, many good things to come.


So, give me a life update of your own! What have I missed?

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  1. So nice to read about all the firsts and exciting things happening :) I have a 22 month old and i can totally understand how it is! You got this girl ..congratulations and wish you good luck in all that you do.. keep writing and sharing

  2. Congrats on the new job! That sounds super awesome!